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DEMENTIA 21 Vol.2 English

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The bizarre manga artist, Shintaro Kago smashes a new shots!DEMENTIA 21 Vol.2 includes the episode 4-7 (COMICLOUD Vol.2, No.4-No.7) and SEPARATE (COMICLOUD Vol.1, No.3).
[DEMENTIA 21]What will nursing be like in the future? Yukie Sakai, a home care giver, is a specialist for nursing patients under the serious condition. The patients are, for example, "Reddleman," the hero who used to protect peace on earth, and the president of an advanced nursing home in which everything is controlled by machines, and…!
[SEPARATE]In the year 20XX mankind successfully develops a "body separation technology". People's lives changed drastically as the upper body half can do intellectual work, while the lower body half carries out physical labor…
Shintaro Kago'2 works are about eroticism, grotesqueness, nonsense, black humor, imprudence and bizarre things. Many of his manga are characterized by an experimental style that uses metaexpressions. Apart from manga he has a wide range of creative outlets ranging from illustrations and modeling to video.
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